Anal Play with London Mistress Volga – a testimonial

My phone chimes as I receive my final orders from Mistress, commanding her f*ck toy to report immediately to her front door. Never wanting to keep her waiting I make my way to her door with utmost haste and knock full of both nerves and excitement, ready to serve.

Mistress opens the door, I walk in, once again immediately taken aback by her beauty and can’t help but notice how her latex nurse outfit perfectly hugs her athletic and strong body. As the door closes I’m ordered to strip immediately and told that I’m in her special medical facility and she needs to undertake a lot of unusual tests. Just as I utter my agreement, two small bottles are placed under my nose and I’m forced to deeply inhale 3 times and my head begins to swim and any inhibitions I may have had are now leaving my mind.

A little unsteady, I follow Mistress to the ‘ward’ where I have a private room with a towel laid out on the bed, a selection of ever larger anal toys and a range of restraints and lubricants. Mistress tells me that she saw me staring at her back and legs as I’d followed her in and that her f*ck toy needs to behave and be sedated a little more. She pulls out the special medicine and once again.

Mistress, or should it be Nurse, tells me that she is going to keep my medicated all evening and that the purpose of todays tests are to see how good a f*ck toy I can be as she wants to stretch me. I nod to show my understanding as my body and mind are taken over by a combination of the medicines and her phenomenal beauty.

Pushed back on to the bed, my legs are immediately raised and cuffed by my ankles to the frame. I am now exposed, Mistress begin to circle the entrance. I moan with pleasure and tell her I’m ready to be the f*ck toy she desires. My words are greeted with a sharp spank across my exposed cheeks, as she tells me to be quiet and another dose of medicine is forced upon me. I thank Mistress, but as much as she appreciates the words she tells me that she’d told me to be quiet and forces a double dose on me with no option to protest.

Now sedated, Mistress Volga places a gag in my mouth and I feel a vibration over my body before I realise what’s happening, I feel a build-up of pressure before the head of a vibrating wand pushes deep inside me. The head stretching me nicely, the vibrations felt through my G-Spot.

The feeling of the medicine and the pure excitement of being stretched by Mistress is almost too much, but I know this is the first stage of many to come. Restrained, her hand grips my throat, squeezing my airwaves to the point a I gasp for air. She holds me in place until I’m close to exploding and then releases the pressure.

Mistress turns away from the bed, and with a sultry strut proceeds to walk over to the bedside, picking up her strapon. ‘Have another sniff’ she instructs in a seductive but playful tone, as she slips her beautifully toned and tanned legs through the straps and stands before me.

Pulling me into position over the edge of the bed, my legs still restrained and raised, Mistress twists and pulls the plug out of me and tells me that I’m going to have to take every inch of her strapon. By now I know not to speak, and do my best to relax and be a good f*ck toy for my Mistress.

It hits my prostate and my whole body tenses with a mixture of pleasure and surprise. The full weight of Mistress pushing her strapon in and out of me, steadily picking up the pace until she is pounding so hard that the bed sounds like it might break and the noise of my chained restraints echoes around the room.

Mistress shows no mercy, but pauses for a second to implement one more large dose before returning to pounding me, this time slapping my cheeks and telling me what a filthy slut I am. My mind is swirling in a bubble of intense pleasure and kinky desires as Mistress finally relents as she has one final test for me.

By now, all I can really fathom in my thoughts is the feeling of Mistresses fist in me. It’s all I want, all I crave. Sensing this, after a short while, Mistress feeds me one last sizeable dose and pulls the plug out of me. Without a moment to pause, I feel her hand circling inside and outside my aching hole.

The sensation of her whole hand inside me, pressing on my prostate is outrageous and my back arches with pleasure. Filling up my cavity and making my body shudder. Good f*ck toy Mistress says and smiles at me, seeing me streched and with my eyes rolling with great pleasure.

London Mistress

London Mistress

I require co-operative and obedient subs and slaves to satisfy my need to dominate and be worshipped.

I enjoy participating in many fetish activities. I am flexible and sensitive to the needs of my subs and slaves.

Let me show you how to let go of the stresses of daily life and embrace escapism and fantasy.

If you are an experienced sub or new to the world I can guide you through a tailor-made session that will stimulate your every sense.

London Mistress Volga