The job interview.

The job interview.

As the lift ascended I could feel my hands start to sweat, the nerves were getting the better of me. I had worked so hard to get this interview and I knew the job was mine, all I had to do was impress Mistress Volga and I would finally land the PA job of my dreams. I had been told she was a bit of a ball buster but it was a huge step up and it would launch my career into the stratosphere. 

I walked into the office… A large glass desk before me, two black leather armchairs were on the near side, sat facing me in a white leather chair was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. As I approached she gestured to one of the black armchairs without looking up as I was a nuisance to her, something she had to deal with rather than enjoy. I sat down as she continued to scrutinize whatever  was on the computer screen before her.

She was absolutely stunning! Glowing long blonde hair into gentle curls cascaded onto her soft shoulders, her full lips were parted a perfect cherry re, simple and subtle black eye makeup made her green eyes erupt with an almost ice glare. She wore a tight silk shirt revealing a full and pronounced cleavage. Through the glass of her desk I could see a black leather pencil skirt hugging her tights, and her black patent heels had the infamous red soles. She was mesmerizing,  her black sheer stockings were almost immaterial at this point. Every item she wore was clearly deliberate, and done to exude power and confidence and for some reason I felt like it was also done exude sex. Around her neck was a delicate chain with a simple large black pearl hanging from it that glistened in the light nestled in her magnificent cleavage. Her nails were filed down to what appeared to be points and painted glossy scarlet red. It made her look ferocious and dangerous, she was incredibly sexy! Her nails alone had me staring so hard I almost didn’t respond when she addressed me.

”You wish to be my PA.” She stated in a softened Russian accent.

It wasn’t a question: I replied yes anyway.

Practically ignoring my answer she slowly stood up straightened her leather skirt and figure hugging silk blouse and walked around her desk. Her patent stiletto heels clicking loudly echoing around the room with each step she took on the hard floor. As she got closer I realized how tall Mistress Volga was, she was well over 6ft in her heels. Her long legs were so elegant and graceful as she walked. The leather knee length pencil skirt was so tight I swear, I could see the claps of her suspenders holding up her stockings. I was unable to look away, it’s like she had cast a spell over me!

Mistress Volga sat on the edge of the desk before me and carefully crossed her legs. The sound of her stockings rubbing against each other was like music to my ears. I couldn’t work out why I was so turned on by this woman. She was captivating, her black patent heels were hypnotizing as they carefully dangled from her beautifully slender feet.  I longed to know what colour her toe nails were painted and if theey matched the glossy scarlet of her fingers. She spoke and I was enthralled instantly by her soft Russian accent.

”This is a female led company and men who work here do so only because  we allow it and only ever in subservient roles I have some requirements for my personal PA that you must follow. Your reference are adequate but you must do as I say when I say and without question. That is requirement not a debate.”

”I understand.” I replied. It’s like she didn’t care that I had responded. I knew she was strict from her reputation but I was unaware of what she would do next and it changed my life forever.

Mistress Volga opened a small wooden box on her desk. She reached inside and pulled out a small metallic object carefully placing it on the desk next to her. 

”This is a job requirement,” she said gesturing to the metal work next to her. ”As part of working here you will be locked in chastity and used for my pleasure however I see fit, whenever I see fit. You no longer control yourself, you are for me to control.” She stated in her alluring sexy accent.

I felt my face got hot and could feel myself going red and flushed, I could barely think let alone speak, I couldn’t believe what she was saying. This was so inappropriate, I was so caught so far off guard I couldn’t manage to reply, I saw was a small smile  spread across Mistress Volga’s face, she knew exactly what she was doing and that I was unable to comprehend what was happening let alone respond enough to refuse anything.

”If you wish to be employed here you will wear this at all times, more rules will follow as we work together but for now you will wear this and call me MISTRESS.” she stated.

I could fell my cock growing in my trousers as I sat there listening to her talk, as soon as she said Mistress my balls lurched and my cock went completely rigid I couldn’t explain the effect this woman had on me.

”Yes, Mistress.” I heard myself saying it, I don’t know how I said it, it’s like the words fell out of my mouth out of my control. 

I had heard of male chastity devices but never seen one. It had a metal cage attached to a padlock and a ring at its base.

”Stand up.” Mistress Volga commanded.

I was falling completely under her control I could feel it as I rose to my feet, my will was leaving me.

”Remove my skirt slut.” I was frozen to the spot my feet unable to move and in a bizarre moment of clarity realized I was the slut at this command came from Mistress Volga’s full red lips.

I walked behind Mistress Volga and unzipped the back of her leather pencil skirt allowing it to fell to the floor. The silk blouse hugged her waist and stopped short of her panties.

I had been correct, she was wearing a suspender belt and stockings with sheer black lace panties. 

”Remove your trousers slave!” This was clearly directed at me, she looked me straight in her eye and I couldn’t look away from her piercing green eyes as I undid my belt, removed my shoes and dropped my trousers to the floor. 

”Underwear as well.” She ordered. ”You will never wear underwear again while you work for me.”

Mistress Volga stepped towards me and gently teased my shaft with her long nails softly raking at the skin leaving little red welts before holding it firmly in her hand giving a strong squeeze. She cupped my balls in her left hand and dug her long red nails into me, squeezed and pulled down, I almost fell to my knees but she held me up by my balls. She reached out with her right hand.

”You like being my slut, don’t you slave I can feel how hard you are!”

Mistress squeezed my cock again and more precum leaked out onto her manicured fingers, she held her hand out to me, her slut, and I licked and sucked Mistress’s fingers clean.

”Good boy.” Mistress noted. 

Mistress Volga took the securing ring and slowly slid it down my shaft to the base and carefully moved it over my balls, now hanging lower after she had been pulling them. Mistress held it in place with her left hand while picking up the cock cage. Mistress slid this over my throbbing shift and forced my cock to fit inside compressing my throbbing erection. My cock bulged out in between the bars of the cage, it was deeply uncomfortable and restrictive but not painful. Next came the padlock, she placed the padlock  in place, removed the key and looked me in the eyes. Mistress took the key and put it on a small silver necklace before passing it over her head so it hung gracefully around her elegant neck nestled between her beautiful breasts. 

”Open your mouth, slave.” 

I immediately opened my mouth, Mistress slowly and carefully spat into my mouth, her saliva was such beautiful gift. 

”Swallow my spit slave.”

I swallowed and thanked Mistress.

I knelt there with my mouth help open and she proceeded to spit again into my mouth, it was such a joy to taste her.

”Take off the rest of your clothes and crawl over to me slave.”

I did as commanded, the chastity cage tight and uncomfortable holding in my erection, precum leaking out of me as I crawled naked across the floor save for my cage, the only way out of this hung around my Mistress’ neck.

I approached Mistress Volga and her legs were spread wide revealing the see through crotch of her panties. I could see her pussy its nestled top against the fabric and yearned to lick and taste my Mistress.

”Clean my shoes with your tongue slave,” she commanded, smiling at my clear wanton desire to lick her pussy.

I began kissing and licking her patent black heels, sucking the heel into my mouth to ensure nothing was missed as moan escaped my lips.

”So you’re a shoe slut are you my little chastity slave.” she asked mockingly. 

I went to respond but she forced the pointed toe of her heel into my mouth making me lick and kiss and suck. I lovingly  and eager licked and kissed each of her shoes in turn hoping I might be allowed to remove one and worship her feet, sadly this was not to be, I hoped in the future I would be allowed to.

”Let’s see if you have a useful tongue” she purred to herself, ”start licking the crotch of my panties slave.”

I slowly and tentatively ran my tongue over the gusset of her panties, I wanted her to know how grateful I was for being allowed to be so close to her. I could faintly taste her musk and pussy juices that had started to seep into the sheer material, the scent of her was overwhelming, I felt drunk, the musky, heady aroma of her pussy filled my senses, I was licking at her crotch desperately trying to lick through her panties to taste the glorious Goddess nectar that lay beyond I had to taste my Goddess’s pussy, this was no longer something I wanted, it was something I needed, I needed to taste her cum so I could continue to live.

”You will do nicely slave.” Mistress Volga breathed as she looked down at me, peering over her silk blouse, the key to my cage nested on its chain next to the black pearl in her beautiful tanned clevage.

I could sense the rest of my day would be spent on my knees pleasuring my Goddess and my new life as her slut while locked in chastity was just beginning this was where I meant to be, and Mistress Volga held the key to my cock and freedom. I was here to serve her, my gorgeous Russian Mistress and Goddess.