The Dinner Date.

Mistress Volga Russian Tall Blonde Goddess in lingerie, black nylon stockings, high heels

This is a playback of a dinner date between Me and one of My personal slaves.  The activities described are based on My personal dynamic with him and should not necessarily be construed as possibilities with Me in a professional session.  This is written  to describe what happened  and what we felt, to share with you the magic of possibilities between open minds and trusting hearts.

Even with 4,000 miles distance separating them, Her power and control evolved my submission and servitude. For the dinner date, reservations had been made at Her favourite restaurant for Her favourite table, an elegant setting and delicious menu that met Her standards, where She had previously indulged Her dominant and sadistic desires, in public but with discretion, with awareness to a familiar waitress and attentive observers. 

In our very first meeting, i realized that i was kneeling before a true Goddess, who was superior to me in every aspect.  Her power and control over me were authentic and immediate, and commanded my complete submission and passionate worship.  Her comfort and cruelty in using me for Her pleasure gave me purpose and warmed my submissive soul.  In an office meeting room, when She confirmed our dinner date, my mind was in sub-space and my heart was grateful, to serve a Goddess again!

As She walked towards me, every eye in the restaurant was in awe of Her divine beauty and physical perfection, with a mix of envy and desire.  Approaching me from behind, She grabbed my hair and kissed me passionately, showing genuine affection but undeniable dominance.  She told the waitress “he doesn’t need a menu or plates, I will order and he will eat my leftovers”.  She relished the best portions of Her favourite foods and passed the plates to me to enjoy Her leftover scraps. 

i was in Her world, and nothing else around me mattered.  i wanted to do anything She wanted of me, and trusted Her to define the limits in public, and ignore them in private.  With gratitude, i enjoyed Her leftover scraps from Her plate, knowing that She could easily make me eat them off the floor, with Her heel on my head.  Our conversation ranged across multiple topics, from mutual interests and personal warmth, to sexual and sadistic ideas She wanted to explore with me.  All i wanted to do was obey.

For longer, i had sought someone who was powerful and dominant, who would accept my submissive soul and servant heart, who would take pleasure in my devotion and service, who would want to own and evolve me, to validate my purpose and passion, and nourish me as a pet.  As She held me with Her eyes, i knew i had fallen for Her, but i wondered if She saw value in me.  i hoped She did, and started to winder what She would turn me into.  With Her design as my destiny, i was at peace.

At home, She wanted to test the utility of my mouth.  She made me lick Her heels and soles, spat in my mouth, made  me eat dessert off the floor, swallow chewed up and stepped on food bits, lick Her panties clean, and She pissed in my mouth.   After this second round of drinks and dinner, She was confident that my mouth would serve as a receptacle for absolutely anything that She desired.

Her sadistic desires were growing.  She wanted to see how much i would suffer while providing Her sexual pleasure.  She was standing naked over my face and  ordered me to worship Her, as She started to whip me.  The intensity of the whipping was in symphony with my growing arousal, She scratched my back deeply with Her sharp heels, painting Her V symbol.  She muffled my cries and tears between Her thighs, as She came copiously on my face. She had drowned my face and mouth in Her cum.  She needed to relax and ordered me to rub lotion, massage, kiss, lick and suck every inch of Her divine body.  She made me lie between Her legs with my face buried in Her pussy as She soothed the pain in my back with Her smooth silky legs. 

She told me what i had done well and how She wanted me to improve.  She told me what She would turn me into – domestic servant, maid, sissy, slut, cuckold, dog, pet – the possibilities were endless and She would explore them all.  She would use me in public and private, alone and with others, increasing Her power and control, and driving me deeper into submission and slavery, ultimately branding me as Hers.

She was so excited talking about the future She saw with me.  Climbing on top, She raped my face harder and longer than She had before, my  tongue buried in Her pussy and ass, licking deep and tirelessly, swallowing all Her  juices.  With Her cum glazing my face and filling my mouth, and with leather collar still on my neck, we went out for a coffee, oblivious to attention of onlookers. Lost in the magic we had experienced, and the world were creating!