Worship your Goddess



Their eyes never left each other, locked in a fiery embrace of passion and power.
In her stiletto high heels, she towered over him a little, as she pulled him into a tight hug.
Her lips met his, forcing them open, so her tongue could rape his mouth, at will.
Her hands held him tight against her body, even as she caressed his hair.
Pulling back, she let him worship her with his eyes, enjoying the power she had over him.
Black lace bra covering her perfect breasts, black lace panties framing her perfect ass.
Black silk stockings and garters, sculpting her long toned legs, leading to her moist pussy.
Stiletto heels encasing her celestial feet, painted toes glistening, demanding respect.
She was his love goddess, he was her love slave, opposites in role but united in desire.
He would worship her, his eyes drinking in her beauty, his hands caressing her soft skin.
His lips-mouth-tongue would worship every part of her body, seeking her every essence.
She would use him, teach him, and make him serve her every pleasure, without limits.
Pulling him close, she cradled his face lovingly against her breasts, as she stripped him.
Pushing him down, she held his face tight between her thighs, against her wet panties.
One heel found his hardening cock, the other gently scratched his back.
Pushing him lower, his face at her feet, she stood tall and ordered him to worship.
Soft kisses on her feet, gentle sucking of her toes, licking of her heels.
His worship travelled upwards, covering every inch of her stockinged legs, to naked thighs.
Stockings rolled off with his hands, panties removed with his lips, now in his mouth.
With bra off, she summoned his mouth to her breasts, for prolonged worship.
More worship of her bare feet and legs, her pussy excited with growing anticipation.
Pulling his face into her pussy, strong thighs holding his face, in place.
He would kiss-suck-lick as she ordered, until she had multiple orgasms, squirting strongly.
His reward for service, drinking in her essence, his face glistening with her arousal.
For a break, she would feed him wine, from her mouth and body, into his mouth.
She would attach a dildo to his face and mouth, and go for a long rough ride.
She would reward him again, making him lick her juices off the dildo, and from her pussy.
Again, he would worship her with his mouth-lips-tongue, again and again.
She would use him, till she was completely satisfied, and he had nothing left to give.
His dog collar and her whip-riding crop would help her ensure his compliance.
Her sharp heels and her long nails would paint his body, in symphony with his service.
She would console and caress him, and bathe and nurture him.
Once he was dressed, she would sit on his lap, and tell him of future plans for them.
Kissing him, she would again become aware of her growing arousal.
Standing over his kneeling form, her pussy would demand final worship from his tongue.
With her love juices in his mouth, he would leave happy, but yearning to see her again.


The foot worshiping service.

black shiny PVC boots with red very high heeled boots

For those of you considering becoming a foot fetishist or those of you wishing to develop your foot fetish to the absolute pinnacle of perfection personified and enslavement please allow me to recommend the foot worshiping service provided by Mistress Volga.

Always perfectly and immaculately haute coiffed and in haute couture. Her beautiful countenance and captivating femininity will take your breath away. Imagine this as you sit in anticipation before her as she playfully kicks off her beautiful 7 inch patent midnight black shiny stilettoes or if you are really lucky she will let you remove them yourself.

Your senses are immediately assailed by the scent of perfumed perfection as your nose drinks in that captivating and gloriously overwhelming intoxication that only the  perfect manicured feet of a stunning tall blonde  Russian Mistress  can provide after being incased all day in satanic black  Havana fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings with Cuban heel. 

Drink in that perfect foot and nylon aroma as it explodes and barrels into your face and courses up both nostrils like twin torpedo Exocet missiles to simultaneously explode in the primordial darkest deepest center of your brain to further captivate you and enhance your addiction. 

Courtesy of sexy slave